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Press Releases

Case Begins Fifth Full Term In the U.S. House Of Representatives

He will continue to focus in the two-year 118th Congress on his House Appropriations Committee, Red Hill, inflation and the cost of living, China and the Indo-Pacific, public safety, climate change, oceans and resource protection, and results-oriented governance

(Washington, DC) -- U.S. Congressman Ed Case (HI-01) today joined his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives for the convening of the two-year 118th Congress (2023-2025).

(Each Congress convenes for a two-year term, dating back to the 1st Congress in 1789 at the outset of George Washington’s Presidency. Because the Speaker of the House was not elected today, the formal oath of office for Members of the 119th Congress has not yet been administered.)

“As I begin my fifth full term as Hawaii’s U.S. Representative, I continue to focus on my oath to support and defend our Constitution and to work with colleagues and others to achieve productive solutions to our most pressing challenges,” said Case, who represented Hawaii’s First Congressional District in the 117th (2021-2023) and 116th (2019-2021) Congresses, as well as its Second District in the 109th (2005-2007), 108th (2003-2005) and a portion of the 107th (2001-2003) Congresses.

Case said his priorities entering the new two-year Congress remain (1) contributing to national leadership for our country, (2) ensuring that Hawaii’s specific needs are addressed by our federal government, and (3) assisting constituents with their concerns.

“Congress must remain focused on the issues that matter most to everyday Americans in Hawai‘i,” explained Case. “From ensuring the prompt and safe closure of Red Hill, to providing relief to oppressive inflation and the cost of living, confronting China and working with partners throughout the Indo-Pacific, improving public safety, protecting our oceans, addressing the very real threats of climate change and much more, I will continue to dedicate my experience, seniority, relationships and efforts to solving our real-world challenges.”

Case also expressed his commitment to continue working in the 118th Congress to overcome division and polarization and wherever possible forge non-partisan partnerships with colleagues and others toward workable solutions. He explained: “In a House that is so clearly divided along partisan lines, where I am again a member of the minority as I was from 2002 to 2007, I will work with my fellow Members of Congress, including those across the aisle, to achieve solutions to our many challenges. We must not allow each and every issue to descend into a strictly partisan struggle, and must instead reject extremism and absolutism to just get things done.”

“In all this,” said Case, “I’m very pleased to work with Congresswoman Jill Tokuda, who joins our Hawai‘i Congressional delegation in serving the home we all love. Congresswoman Tokuda is well prepared to undertake these obligations and will be a great partner.”


·        Picture of Congressman Case on the floor of the House

·        Picture of Congressman Case with Congresswoman Tokuda