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Press Releases

Case Announces $1.5 million Grant Award To Assure Honolulu Emergency Food Supply In Event Of Severe Storms

The funding award comes as Guam and the Northern Marianas recover from Super Typhoon MAWAR and federal weather service issues hurricane forecast for Central Pacific

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Congressman Ed Case (Hawai‘i – District 1) today announced that Honolulu nonprofit Lanakila Pacific, best known for its popular “Meals on Wheels” program, will receive a $1.5 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to fortify its facility to protect critical reserve food supplies during severe storms.

“Super Typhoon Mawar and its devastating impact on our Guam and Northern Marianas ‘ohana drive home yet again that we must assume and fully prepare for similar direct hurricane and other severe storm impacts on Hawai‘i,” said Case, a member of the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations and of its Subcommittee on Homeland Security with federal funding and oversight authority over FEMA.

“Lanakila Pacific is a critical part of our overall preparedness, especially for our seniors and others who will need special support with food and other essentials during a severe weather disaster.”

The grant is the second round of funding to Lanakila Pacific by FEMA, which previously awarded $229,000 to Lanakila Pacific to harden its Liliha headquarters. Case said the funds will go to repair the roof, replace and install new impact resistant doors in place of exterior perimeter gates, and strengthen air conditioning systems, among other structural improvements.

“Working with FEMA and the Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA) to fortify the structural integrity of our roof and building entrances will safeguard Lanakila Pacific’s resources so we are ready to assist with feeding the community in the aftermath of a disaster, including the seniors and people with disabilities who rely on our Meals on Wheels program,” said Rona Yagi Fukumoto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lanakila Pacific.

The FEMA grant comes as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) today issued an “above normal” hurricane season outlook this year for Hawai‘i and the Central Pacific, with a forecast of 4 to 7 tropical cyclones (a normal season sees 4 to 5 cyclones). This means in the Central Pacific overall, not necessarily making landfall. 

It also comes as the President designates emergency assistance coordinated by FEMA for Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to address Mawar, and Hawai‘i recognizes “Hurricane Preparedness Week” to highlight the importance of hurricane preparedness by residents throughout Hawai’i.

“FEMA and other federal agencies along with HIEMA have a variety of information resources to help residents prepare fully,” said Case. “A central source is here, and residents can contact me for further information at or (808)-650-6688.”

Attachments:       Picture of 2023 NOAA Hurricane Forecast

                            Pictures of Lanakila Pacific courtesy Lanakila Pacific