Appropriations Requests

Appropriations Requests

Congressman Case is a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for authoring annual appropriations bills to fund the federal government. Members of the House have the opportunity to submit requests to the Committee for inclusion in the appropriations bills. Congressman Case is proud to submit appropriate requests that support Hawai`i.

How to Submit a Request

To submit an appropriations request, please complete either a Non-Defense Appropriations Request Form or a Mil-Con Defense Appropriations Form. Please fill out the yellow sections of the Excel sheet with information about the requestor and the funding and/or language request. Requestors may include more than one request in the form, as long as the separate requests are on different rows and ranked based on priority. The following information is needed to complete the forms:

1. Point of Contact (POC) Name

2. POC Affiliation/Organization

3. POC Email

4. POC Phone Number

5. POC Address

6. Applicable Appropriations Subcommittee

7. Federal Program requested to be funded

8. Federal Department

9. Federal Agency

10. Federal Office (please be as specific as possible)

11. Program’s current fiscal year funding

12. President’s budget request

13. Funding request (if applicable)

14. Bill Language Request (if applicable)

15. Committee Report Language request (if applicable)

16. Explanation/justification of request, including how the request impacts Hawai`i (300 word maximum)

17. Location of Hawai`i impact (if applicable)


Fiscal Year 2020 Appropriations requests to Congressman Case’s office are due Febrary 15, 2020.  Completed request forms and any attachments should be emailed to