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My Events


My Events

It is critical to the overall functioning of our government and Congress that your elected officials communicate openly and frequently with those we represent. To this end, I host regular in-person and virtual events to address various issues and keep in touch. Links to some of my recent events are below.

Talk Stories

I especially look forward to my in-person Talk Story open community events throughout my First Congressional District (Honolulu from Makapu’u to Mililani and Kapolei) to report back to you on current issues in Congress and my activities as your Congressman, to answer your questions and hear your thoughts, and to discuss how my office and I can help you and yours.

In April 2023 I did six Talk Stories right across my district, my first in person since the pandemic. Here’s a video summarizing those meetings:

I’m looking forward to another round later this year and will post that information here when scheduled.

Other Upcoming Events

Please call me at 808-650-6688 or email me at to learn about other future events. 

Recent Events