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Speeches & Testimony


Speeches & Testimony

Statement on H.R. 4990, The Election Technology Research Act

Madam Speaker, I rise today to voice my strong support for H.R. 4990, the Election Technology Research Act, of which I am a proud cosponsor.

My return to Congress in 2019 was prompted in part by my membership in Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus, a nonpartisan group of more than 200 former Members of Congress, governors, ambassadors and cabinet members. This committed Caucus, whose slogan is “fix democracy first”, is focused on a range of reforms essential to returning government to the people.

Central to these reforms are much higher and broader participation in our elections and enhanced faith in the validity of our election results. Election security is in turn the critical foundation of participation and faith. It should be and largely is a universal goal, especially given continuing, emerging and expanding threats to our election systems.

This bipartisan measure would help ensure that our elections are secured by the most advanced and best voting technology. It authorizes federal research to establish and maintain the highest standards possible, and establishes a Center of Excellence in Election Systems to regularly and thoroughly test the security and accessibility of voting systems and certify voting system technology.

This measure passed our House Committee on Science, Space and Technology with unanimous support because the Committee recognized the critical need for federal resources and leadership on this issue. It also was endorsed by my Blue Dog Coalition because it advances our own commitment to national security and accessible democracy.

I thank Congresswoman Sherill for her leadership on this important issue, and urge full House passage.

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