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Speeches & Testimony


Speeches & Testimony

Remarks in support of H.Res.908, Condemning all forms of anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19

Madam Speaker:

As the proud Representative of the district with the highest percentage of Asian Americans in the country, I rise today in strong support of H.Res.908 to condemn any and all forms of anti-Asian discrimination during and beyond this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our country confronts not only the novel coronavirus but also a virus of racism and hate. We cannot allow the one to feed off the other.

On behalf of all Americans, we have a moral responsibility to call out and condemn this wave of racist hate speech, harassment, discrimination and physical violence driven by fear, disinformation and even purposeful exploitation.

I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support this resolution Without reservation and speak out against racism against any group in any form.

Thank you, and I yield back.
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