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Press Releases

Case Statement on Today's Violent Assault on the United States Capitol

(Washington, DC) – Congressman Ed Case (D-HI), released this statement today on the violent assault on the United States Capitol during the joint session of Congress on confirming the results of the Electoral College on the election of President and Vice President of the United States:

“My staff and I are ok, but many are hurt, and democracy is damaged,” said Case.

“What a truly dark moment for our country, born of disrespect for our very foundations and institutions and incited by the highest levels of our leadership.

“But I know this is not our America, and I know we will get through this dark time together.

“And here in DC, on Capitol Hill, tonight or tomorrow or however long it takes, and regardless of what  it takes, my colleagues and I will complete our constitutional duty and confirm the results of the Presidential election.”