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Press Releases

Case Statement on Congressional Oversight of President's Reported Dealings with Ukraine

Honolulu, HI, September 25, 2019

(Honolulu, HI) – Congressman Ed Case (HI-01) released the following statement today:

“The allegations that the President pressured a foreign country to investigate a domestic political opponent and withheld foreign assistance as leverage, to go with his Director of National Intelligence’s refusal to produce the whistleblower’s complaint and independent Inspector General’s report to Congress as required by law, go to the core of this or any President’s constitutional duties and our national security.

“Together with other claimed breaches and the President’s continued obstruction of Congressional oversight, they fully justify Congress reviewing potential impeachment.

“This review must continue to be responsible, deliberate and fact-based, focused not on policy differences but on upholding and defending our Constitution.

“And key to that is whether the President fully complies with Congress requests for the facts and all of the facts, including the transcripts of his conversations with the Ukraine, the whistleblower’s complaint and Inspector General’s report, and the full and unrestricted testimony of the Director of National Intelligence to Congress.”


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