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Speeches & Testimony


Speeches & Testimony

Remarks by Congressman Ed Case on Future of Red Hill

  • Red Hill Press Conference Feb 2022_2
First and foremost, to the thousands of our ohana who have suffered harm, whose lives are upended, this should not have happened to you and we remain completely focused on you.

Second, I thank my colleague, Congressman Kahele, for his full partnership throughout this crisis and for his leadership in introducing our legislation.

I support our military. We must remain strong and prepared throughout the Indo-pacific. Our Hawai‘i has a critical role and responsibility for our country.

But none of that can excuse, justify or change Red Hill’s harm to our people or continued risk to our communities. It is clear that this risk won’t and can’t change under any current or future configuration or operation of Red Hill as a bulk fuel storage facility.

So rather than prolong the permit process or legal actions or analysis of whether Red Hill can continue, Congress must now step in and mandate that Red Hill’s future does not include bulk fuel storage.

Then we can get on with defueling, decommissioning and remediating Red Hill and identifying and funding the alternate strategic fuel storage capacity to maintain a strong national defense without further risk to our families.


For more information on H.R. 6714, the Red Hill Watershed and Aquifer Initiative Act,